Friday, April 1, 2011

Today was a much better day.

Hi everyone,

Today has been a much better day.  While I did not do any stitching yet, I did do some work on the calendar for my Embroidery Guild.  It felt good to be helpful.  Hopefully, after supper tonight I can do some stitching. 
I do have to tell you all yesterday got a lot worse.  I got lost in Oklahoma City (or the City as Okies call it).  Luckily, I got a hold of my husband and he guided me through the City, Moore OK and Norman OK to the interstate.  Then when I got on to the interstate and let him get off the phone, I missed my exit and went into the next county.  Luckily, I was able to turn around at the next exit and come back and get to my exit.  I didn't even see my husband at all yesterday as he worked until 11pm and was gone when I got up this morning.  Hopefully, I will get to see him tonight but I have not heard from him for more than 5 minutes this whole day.  He must be really busy with his job.  Part of the life of being married to a man who works on testing asphalt for roads for a living.  


  1. Glad your DH was able to navigate you home. :) Cathryn

  2. I hate getting lost; it is terrifying for me. I'm glad your husband could talk you to where you needed to be. And hopefully you'll soon find time to stitch! LOL

  3. I'm gad things have a way to work out for you and your DH, oh I wanted to know how does he test the asphalt ??????????????????

  4. LeAnn, glad you started to blog! Hope your stitching time increases in the days to come!

  5. At least he was available to guide you!!